USED Releases National Education Technology Plan

January 22, 2024

Earlier today, USED released its 2024 National Educational Technology Plan. This is the most recent iteration of a document that has its roots in the 2000 Educate America Act, and was most recently updated in 2016. Unlike previous versions that operated more to capture snapshots of the status of ed tech, this issue is more proactive and focuses on three big gaps that are restricting the ability of technology to be transformative in education. Those three areas are:

  • Digital Divide: how students use technology to enhance learning
  • Digital Design Divide: opportunities for education professionals to expand their learning/PD to allow them to develop/implement learning technologies that are enhanced by technology
  • Digital Access Divide: addressing opportunities for students and educators to gain equitable access to educational technology
The document is a helpful resource for framing this important conversation and includes prompts/considerations that districts can work through as they navigate each of these three divides. IN terms of layout, each section includes recommendations ready for implementation that can help LEAs advance the effective use of technology to support teaching and learning. Each section also flags whether the recommendations are intended for states, districts, or school buildings. Each section also includes real-world examples of states, districts and schools that put these practices into place.

Check it out here: landing page or PDF