State of Our Schools 2021

October 18, 2021

September 8, 2021

School facilities have a direct impact on student learning, student and staff health and school finances. However, many students attend school facilities that fall short of providing quality learning environments because essential maintenance and capital improvements are underfunded.

The 2021 State of Our Schools Report compiles and analyzes the best available school district data regarding U.S. PK–12 public school facilities funding. In addition to drawing attention to the disparity across the U.S. in funding levels, it finds that the U.S. is underinvesting in school buildings and grounds by $85 billion each year. These findings bring to light the proper financial support required for all children, in every district, to attend healthy and safe schools that provide the best learning environments and most resilient facilities. 

Download the report.

Read the full press release, including a quote from AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech. 

Check out the comprehensive state files detailing how underfunded your state's school facilities are.