Learning Policy Institute introduces the Whole Child Policy Toolkit

July 26, 2022

The Learning Policy Institute has release the Whole Child Policy Toolkit, a comprehensive framework developed to give state policymakers and education leaders a set of strategies, tools, and resources to advance whole child policy. Produced by LPI with input from more than a dozen Whole Child Policy Table partners, individual organizations, and experts, the toolkit is organized around a framework of five key whole child policy elements. The framework outlines how policymakers can support schools, districts, and communities to make shifts to meet the needs of every child efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, equitably.

The Toolkit offers research-based recommendations that focus on how state policymakers and education stakeholders can support:

In the Toolkit, AASA’s resources have been highlighted, including—In the LoopTime in Pursuit of Education Equity, and Alternatives to Grade Retention.