Advocacy Win on Synthetic Nicotine e-Cigarettes

March 07, 2022

The use of synthetic nicotine in various products including e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches is becoming more popular among children and youth. Public health groups have been warning that disposable, synthetic nicotine e-cigarettes such as Puff Bar have grown in popularity among teens while skirting FDA oversight since the FDA does not have explicit authority to regulate lab-made nicotine. The need for FDA to step in and regular synthetic nicotine is urgent; CDC data shows more than a quarter of middle and high school e-cigarette users reported using Puff Bar as their usual brand.

AASA joined our partners at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in urging Congress to include language in the omnibus spending package that would give the FDA the authority to regulate products that contain nicotine but aren’t derived from tobacco, such as synthetic nicotine.

And happily, we were successful! The FY22 omnibus now contains this important regulatory authority for FDA. We are hopeful that this action will mean fewer synthetic products targeted at children enter the market and that Puff Bar and other nicotine products that target children and youth, will be prohibited from doing so in the future. 

You can find the letter here.