Additional Resources for FAFSA Completion

May 02, 2024

AASA’s Executive Committee is holding its spring meeting this week, in coordination with the annual AASA State Leadership Conference. U.S. Deputy Secretary Cindy Marten met with both the executive committee and state leaders to discuss FAFSA, providing an update on the continuing efforts to dig out of the very deep mess that the FAFSA application process is currently in. During her conversations, she shared myriad resources for schools, educators, families and students, as well as engaged in direct Q&A with members to address specific situations and provide additional feedback. 

We’re sharing those resources here with you, as well:

Resources from USED include:
  • Federal Student Aid (
    • Check FAFSA Completion by High School/District (LINK)
  • Deputy Secretary Cindy Marten Explains State & School Level FAFSA Data Retrieval (LINK from  
  • FAFSA Checklist: What Families and Students Need to Know (PDF) (Spanish PDF)
  • Financial Aid Success Toolkit (FAST) (LINK
  • National College Attainment Network (NCAN) NCAN is launching a national #DoTheFAFSA campaign through the summer 

These resources are a good complement to the ongoing set of information shared on the AASA Leading Edge policy blog: