JASON Learning

JASON Learning (JASON) is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering cultural change in STEM education to allow every student to explore the fascinating world of STEM and the careers it has to offer. JASON's mission is “to inspire and educate students everywhere through real science and exploration. Founded in 1989, JASON was created to connect youth with real scientists, exploration, and discoveries to inspire them to become scientifically literate and pursue STEM careers. For over 30 years, JASON has designed and delivered educational programs and resources to provide US students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and motivation to succeed in 21st Century STEM careers and thrive as 21st Century citizens. JASON partners with school districts, universities, organizations, businesses, and communities across the country to provide project-based STEM learning experiences and standards-aligned curricula that inspire confidence, drive opportunity, and connect learners with diverse real-world role models.

JASON has developed a comprehensive pedagogical framework, an effective curriculum model, a renowned Argonaut program, and sound long-term distribution and implementation strategies. All of this is complemented and supported by the award-winning JASON Digital Platform, which enables scalable delivery of STEM curricula and programs to more than 5 million students per year, representing a wide cross-section of US geographies and demographic groups. We offer districtwide, school-based, homeschool, early learning, and community-based solutions, and our innovative technological resources can be used in blended, online, or in-person environments and supplement or replace traditional textbooks. These resources include over 15,000 project-based learning activities and lessons and 42 full units that reach PreK-12, covering core subject matter, early childhood learning, and career and technical education (CTE). 

In support of educators, we provide lesson plans, culturally responsive implementation guidance, professional development training, and a powerful, integrated digital platform that can be accessed in the classroom or out. Our unique approach empowers educators to help all students visualize success, explore their passions, and reach their potential regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. After using JASON, students and teachers alike are ignited with curiosity and become lifelong learners.

The tremendous diversity that defines the JASON community has always informed our work and outreach. We at JASON believe that educational opportunity and equity for every student is fundamental and non-negotiable. Framing STEM teaching and learning within authentic, real-world examples featuring diverse, inspiring career role models is a hallmark of JASON’s long-standing approach to curriculum design, and research suggests this has been key to JASON’s ability to improve academic outcomes, especially for underrepresented student groups.