AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice

The AASA Journal of Scholarship & Practice is published through the AASA Leadership Development Office and is a refereed, blind-reviewed, quarterly journal with a focus on research and evidence-based practice. It is designed to benefit AASA members and full-time and adjunct professors.

 Spring 2016 (PDF)
"Jean Piaget's Debt to John Dewey"; "Why Not Allow School Boards to Choose Alternatives to Traditionally Trained Superintendents?"; "Does Collective Bargaining Influence the Pay Satisfaction of Elementary School Teachers?". 

  Winter 2016 (PDF)
"A Comparison of Higher-Order Thinking Between the Common Core State Standards and the 2009 New Jersey Content Standards in High School"; "Problems with Percentiles: Student Growth Scores in New York's Teacher Evaluation System"; "Doctoral Research in Educational Leadership: Expectations for Those Thinking About An Advanced Degree"; "The Glass Maze and Predictors for Successful Navigation to the Top Seat to the Superintendency"

 Fall 2015 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Principal Preparation—Revisited—Time Matters”; “Principal Concerns and Superintendent Support During Teacher Evaluation Changes” 

Commentary: “School Administrator Quality in Minority-Serving Institutions” 

Summer 2015 (PDF)

Research Articles: "Developing Principals as Racial Equity Leaders: A Mixed Method Study"; "Principals' Perceptions Regarding Their Supervision and Evaluation"

Commentary: "Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: The Impact of Institutional Culture on Initial Implementation of New York’s Annual Professional Performance Review"

 Spring 2015 (PDF)

"An Empirical Analysis of New York's Teacher Evaluation System: Flaws in the Design" 
Research Articles: "Technology Leadership is Just Good Leadership: Dispositions of Tech Savvy Superintendents"; "Comparing the Ideal Dispositions of Administrative Internship Candidates"

Book Reviews:
"Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn"; "The Small BIG: Small Changes That Spark Big Influence"

  Winter 2015 (PDF)

  Research Articles: “Principal Dispositions Regarding the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System”; “Superintendent   Retirement in a Reform State: Rhetoric and Reality” 

           Commentary: “A Critique of ‘The Common Core is a Change for the Better’” 

           Book Reviews:  “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Dragon”

  Fall 2014 (PDF)

Research Articles: “A Better Leveled Playing Field for Assessing Satisfactory Job Performance of Superintendents on the Basis of High-Stakes Testing Outcomes”; “The Influence of Inclusion on the Academic Performance of General Education Students on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge in Grades 6, 7, and 8”; “The Principal Evaluation Process and Its Relationship to Student Achievement”

Book Reviews:“The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact”; “Automate This: How Algorithms Took Over Our Markets, Our Jobs and the World”

Summer 2014 (PDF)

            Research Articles: “Faculty Mobility and Its Influence on New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment 
            Scores”; “The Advanced Placement Opportunity Gap in Arizona: Access, Participation, and Success”

            Commentary: “Education Reform As a ‘Weapon of Mass (Education) Destruction’ Versus Artful Resistance As 
            a ‘Weapon of Mass Creation’”

Spring 2014 (PDF)

Research Articles: “The Influence of Teacher Graduate Degrees on Student Reading Achievement”; “The Superintendent’s Influence on Student Achievement”

Commentary: “Supporting Mathematics Teachers in the Common Core Implementation”

Winter 2014(PDF)        

 PISA Commentaries: “PISA Problems”; “The Influences and Implications of PISA: An Australian Perspective”; “What Does the International PISA Math Test Really Tell Us?” “Why Schools in American Should Not Be Like Schools In Singapore”

Book Review: "Children Dying Inside: Education in South Korea

Fall 2013 (PDF)

Research Articles: "Voices of Superintendents: ‘Give Us Relevant and Challenging Preparation for a Tough Job’"; "Influence of Student and School Variables on Grade 5 Mathematics and Language Arts Achievement in New Jersey”

Best Practice: “Educational Leaders Describe a Job Too Big for One: Stress Reduction In the Midst of Leading”

Book Review: “Unifying Educational Systems: Leadership and Policy Perspectives”

Summer 2013(PDF) 

Research Articles: “Examining Variability in Superintendent Community Involvement”; “The Accuracy of Perceptions of Education Finance Information: How Well Local Leaders Understand Local Communities;” “Superintendent Perceptions of Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS): Obstacles and Opportunities for School System Reform;” “In What Ways Is the New Jersey County Vocational School Admissions Criteria a Predictor of Student Success on State-Mandated Tests?”

Spring 2013 (PDF)

Commentary: “Translating the Common Core State Standards”

Research Articles: "The Effects of Age, Years of Experience, and Type of Experiences in the Teacher Selection Process"; "Examining the Impact of Critical Feedback on Learner Engagement in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms: A Multi-Level Analysis”; “Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Personality, Self-efficacy in Problem Solving, and the Perception of Skills and Competences in High School Students in Sicily, Italy”

Book Review: "The School Reform Landscape: Fraud, Myth, and Lies

Winter 2013 (PDF)

Commentary: "TIMSS Implications for U.S. Education”

Research Articles: "Superintendent Tenure and Student Achievement”; Domestic Violence and Implications of Citizenship Teaching and Learning

Fall 2012 (PDF)

Research Articles: "When Districts Drive Leadership Preparation Partnerships: Lessons from Six Urban District Initiatives"; "Making an Impact Statewide to Benefit 21st-Century School Leadership";

Best Practice: "Looking Through the Eyes of the Learner" Implementation of Building Blocks for Student Engagement;

Commentary: "Want to Teach about SuperPACs? What We Can Learn from Stephen Colbert";

Book Review: "World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students". 

Summer 2012 (PDF)

Editorial: “By the Numbers”;

Research Articles: “The Response to Intervention Framework and Nurturing Potential: Promising Practices”; “The Influence of Teachers’ Preexisting Notions about Students on Scholastic Achievement Change”;

Book Reviews: “College and Career Ready in the 21st Century: Making High School Matter”; “The Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future”

Spring 2012 (PDF)

Editorial: “Poverty Matters”;

Research Articles: “Failure of U.S. Public Secondary Schools in Mathematics”; “Interlacing Mission, Strategic Planning, and Vision to Lean: Powerful DNA for Change”; “An Exploratory Qualitative Study of Italian High School Students Who receive Private Tutoring in Mathematics”;

Commentary: “Strategically Allocating Resources to Support Teaching and Learning”

Winter 2012 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Not Just Urban Policy: Suburbs, Segregation, and Charter”; “Job Satisfaction of Female and Male Superintendents: The Influence of Job Facets and Contextual Variables as Potential”; “Using a Framework to Help Understand School Reform”; “Instructional Leadership in Alberta: Research Insights from Five Highly Effective Schools”

Fall 2011 (PDF)

Editorial: “The Expanding Charter Movement: Separate, Unequal, and Legal?”

Research Article: “Lost at Sea: Summary Results of a Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Teacher Induction and Implications for Administrative Practice”

Commentaries: “A Role for Neuroscience in Shaping Contemporary Education Policy”; “The Role of the Professional Learning Community in Dropout Prevention”

Special Note: “Conference Within A Conference,” sponsored by AASA and the National Council for Professors of Educational Administration, will return to the AASA National Conference on Education in Houston, TX, February 16-19, 2011.

Summer 2011 (PDF) 

Editorial: “Pay for Performance Based on Standardized Test Scores: Twenty Questions”

Research Articles: “Factors Accounting for Variability in Superintendent Ratings of Academic Preparation”; “A Hierarchy of Application of the ISLLC 2008 Standards’ “Functions” to Principal Evaluation: A National Study”; “A Validation Study of the School Leader Dispositions Inventory©”

Commentary: “California on the Verge of a Fourth Wave of School Finance Reform”

Spring 2011 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Full-Day Kindergarten Effectiveness: Preserve the Investment”; “Why Teacher Leaders Don’t Want To Be Principals”; “Technology Pedagogy: Software Tools for Teaching and Learning”

Commentary: “Ethical Leadership: What Is It Really?”

Winter 2011 (PDF)

Commentary: “Common Core State Standards: An Example of Data-less Decision Making”

Research Article: “Perceptions of the Role of the School Principal in Teacher Professional Growth”

Evidence-Based Practice Articles: “Conceptualizing a System for Principal Evaluation”; “School Leadership and Technology Challenges: Lessons from a New American High School”

Book Reviews: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action; 99 Ways to Lead & Succeed: Strategies and Stories for School Leaders

Fall 2010 (PDF)

Editorial: “Social Inequity and High School Test Scores: More Strong Correlations”

Research Articles: “The Viability of Online Education for Professional Development”; “Superintendent Practices and ISLLC Standard 1”; “Great (And Not So Great) Expectations: The Demographics of Proficiency Cut Scores”

Commentaries: “Stepping Into the Fray: Using the Law to Create Common Ground”; “A Bad Idea: National Standards Based on Test Scores”; “Implementing the Synchronous Classroom”

Book Reviews: Wounded by School: Recapturing the Joy in Learning and Standing Up to Old School Culture


Summer 2010 (PDF)

Editorial: “Strong Correlations”

Research Articles: “Superintendents As Gatekeepers in the Employment of Alternatively Licensed Principals”

Evidence-Best Practice Articles: “Developing Instructional Leadership Through Collaborative Learning”; “Should I Stay or Should I Go? How Teacher Leadership Can Improve Teacher Retention”

Commentaries: “A Team-Centered Approach to Performance Compensation”; “Branding and Positioning to Satisfy the Customer’s Appetite: An Educational Case Study”

Book Reviews: Toward Excellence with Equity: An Emerging Vision for Closing the Achievement Gap


Spring 2010 (PDF)

Editorial: "A Blueprint for Regressive Education"

Research Articles: “Leadership to Improve Student Achievement: Focus the Culture on Learning”; “South Carolina Superintendents’ Change Style Preferences”; “Correlations Between Perceived Teacher Empowerment and Perceived Sense of Teacher Self-Efficacy”

Best Practice: "What Counts as Knowledge in the Small School District: Superintendents’ Thoughts about Decision-Making"

Book Reviews: Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement


Winter 2010 (PDF)

Editorial: "Common Core National Curriculum Standards: More Questions … and Answers"

Research Articles: “Academic Readiness for College: The Role of School Administrators”; “Is Shared Leadership Right for Your School District?

Commentaries: "A Critical Analysis of Educational Standards"; "Singapore’s Educational Reforms: The Case for Un-Standardizing Curriculum and Reducing Testing"


Fall 2009 (PDF)

Editorial: "National Curriculum Standards: Let’s Think It Over"

Research Article: "Key Skills Influencing Student Achievement"

Articles on Best Practice: "The Three Fs of Classroom Management"; “Managed Teacher Turnover: A Strategy for School Improvement"; "Building Leadership Capacity on a Budget"

Commentaries: "Classroom Assessment: Some Propositions for Superintendents"; "Comments on the Common Core Standards Initiative"

Book Reviews: "Technology Leadership, Management, and Policy: A Primer and Integrative Model for the 21st Century"


Summer 2009 (PDF)

Editorial: “Let’s Delete Rigor and Add Quality”

Research Articles: "An Examination of Professional Goal Plans and Ethical Leadership”; “Full-Day Kindergarten Results in Significant Achievement Gains”

Articles on Best Practice: "Freeing Students to Succeed by Changing Classroom Space”; "School District Mergers: What One District Learned”

Book Review: "Closing the Leadership Gap: How District and University Partnerships Shape Effective School Leaders”

Spring 2009 (PDF)

Editorial: “A Moment of Crisis: We Have Been Here Before”

Research Article: "Teacher Perspectives of School Mistreatment: Implications for District Level Administrators"

Articles on Best Practice: "What to do with ELLs? Creating Sustainable Structures for Serving English Language Learners in Schools”; "Systemic Data-Based Decision Making: A Systems Approach for Using Data in the Schools”; “Meeting the Needs: A Best Practice Grow Your Own School Leader Program”

Commentaries: "Elementary School Mathematics Priorities”; “Precision in the Teaching, Learning, and Communication of Elementary School Mathematics: A Reply to Wilson’s “Elementary School Mathematics Priorities”; “Ten Practical Reflections for School Administrators”

Winter 2009 (PDF)

Research Articles: "Confronting the Unknown: Principal Preparation Training in Issues Related to Special Education"; "Burnout Among Elementary School Principals"; "Novice Superintendents and the Efficacy of Professional Preparation"; "Principals Priority for Technology as an Indicator of Observed Use in Schools"

Articles of Best Practice: "Leading Change Through Cultural Competence"; "Preparing Future Principals to Work with School Counselors"

Commentary: "Carl Upchurch: A Journey from Prisoner Citizen to Educator"

Book Reviews: Effective Communication for School Administrators: A Necessity in an Information Age; The Truth About School Violence: Keeping Healthy Schools Safe

Fall 2008 (PDF)

Research Articles: “Designing Principal Preparation Internships To Strengthen School Leadership”; “The Development and Validation of the Diversity Dispositions Index”; “Evaluation of School Principals Using Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards”; “Superintendents’ Knowledge of Teacher Evaluation Law”

Articles of Best Practice: “Systematically Making Reading the Center of High School”; “Out of the Ashes: Building Leadership and Sustainability Amid the Chaos”; “Foreign Language Academy”

Summer 2008 (PDF)

Article on Systems Thinking: “Transformational Assessment: A Simplified Model of Strategic Planning”

Research Articles: Students’ Reflections on the Relevance and Quality of Highly Ranked Doctoral Programs: Beacons of Leadership Preparation?” “Recruiting and Retaining School Principals: What We Can Learn From Practicing Administrators” “Demographic Trends in Texas Bond Elections”

Articles of Best Practice: “Making the Grade with Diet and Exercise” and “Technology Allows Great Teachers to Speak in Their Students’ Language”

Commentary: “We really do not … talk like this:” Principals in Dialogue”

Book Reviews: Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for America’s Soul; Rethinking Leadership: A Collection of Articles; Awards and Recognition for Exceptional Teachers

Spring 2008 (PDF)

Articles on Systems Thinking: "Systems Thinking in Action: A District Perspective;" "Working the System: Building Capacity for School Change;" "Adopting Team Contracts to Initiate Team Learning;" "Systems Thinking and Students: Relationships, Student Achievement, and the Curriculum"

Research Article: “Assessing Dispositions of Administrative Intern Candidates”

Commentary: “Time to Terminate Toilet Papering”

Book Review: A Leader’s Legacy

Winter 2008 (PDF)

Research Articles on Systems Thinking: "Think Systemically, Act Systematically;" "Where Does Conflict Management Fit in the System’s Leadership Puzzle?;" "One District Account of System-wide Renewal;" "Building Capacity for Professional Learning Communities Through A Systems Approach: A Toolbox for Superintendents"

Commentary on Systems Thinking: "Systems, Not Superheroes"