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Superintendents discuss why AASA's National Superintendent Certification Program is critical for school district leaders. Watch video [2:21].
In 2015, we will be celebrating AASA’s 150th anniversary and as we arrive at this milestone, we are proud to announce the second and third cohorts of the AASA National Superintendent Certification Program.


Continuing to work with our partner, The SUPES Academy (www.supesacademy.com), we have planned a robust experience that focuses on sharpening the skills that successful superintendents acknowledge are needed to thrive on the job, and provide a relevant experience for our members. As I have traveled across the country in planning this program, it has been made clear that the political and economic pressures of the job are exacerbated by growing intrusion into local control and a prevailing attitude that educators do not have the solutions and indeed are part of the problem. Our certificate will help our members strive in these difficult conditions.

The school district is often the biggest “business” in the community it serves, managing the largest budget and supervising the greatest number of employees. Yet the superintendent’s position was created to be the community’s educational leader, not the CEO of its schools. Times have changed, and clearly today the superintendent must be both. We are proud that our programming will help address the challenges that arise when trying to be both an educational leader and CEO.

… and early results are in!!! The inaugural cohort has been a staggeringly positive experience for AASA members. The cohort gave anonymous feedback that ranked the value of the academy with a score of 4.8 out of a 5 point scale. The camaraderie, honesty and openness that participants described is exactly the experience that our AASA members have been asking for.

The AASA National Superintendent Certification Program will continue to help our members manage the call of leadership duties as we move our nation's school into a new era of success.

With questions contact The AASA National Certification Program Offices, toll free, at 855-803-7547855-803-7547 FREE.