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Topics: Technology & AI

October 03, 2022

Superintendent observing school students working in front of laptops.

AASA and CoSN, the Consortium for School Networking, are working together to build a community of engaged superintendents and education technology leaders to bolster dynamic digital learning environments on behalf of K-12 students.

CoSN's resources support the entire IT team in a school system/district. CoSN represents more than 13 million students in school districts and systems nationwide and continues to grow as a powerful and influential voice in K-12 education.

Tools and Resources for School Leaders


CoSN Toolkits

EmpowerED Superintendents

Education technology is a growing part of any superintendents’ role. While Edtech projects inspire a lot of excitement, there's also a lot of trepidation. To help empower superintendents in this area, CoSN and AASA partnered to create the Empowered Superintendent Toolkit.

Digital Equity

This toolkit is a practical guide for educational leaders looking to address digital equity concerns in their communities.

Learn how to increase the interoperability of academic and operational systems with this toolkit.

Cybersecurity – Authentication Management

Learn how to improve your security stance in an era of sophisticated hackers and cybercriminals.

Driving K-12 Innovation

School leaders and practitioners can learn how to initiate and facilitate crucial conversations that help them put the ideas from the series into action.


A CoSN Member Survey 2022, summarizes the responses of CoSN members to a short survey on EdTech trends and funding, first conducted in 2020 to gauge the impact of the Covid‐19 crisis.

Since 2016, CoSN has conducted 16 Peer Reviews for school districts around the country. The purpose of this research is to discover commonalities among school districts as well as distinctions through the analysis of the Peer Reviews.

This report defines artificial intelligence (AI) and looks at the current AI landscape and envisions the future role it might play.

EdTechNext Report: Low-cost, High-impact Tech To Address Digital Equity

This report strives to support district technology leaders in their critical role of guiding informed decisions about how to best support the transformation of student learning experiences to prepare them for an increasingly digital world. 

Worksheets, Tools and Templates

CoSN District Application Inventory Worksheet

The CoSN Inventory worksheet can be used to create a catalog of school system applications and top line information.

This resource will help you understand and estimate bandwidth consumption for teachers and students allows for IT leaders to plan for connectivity challenges and advocate for more comprehensive connectivity solutions.

Use this calculator to determine the estimated bandwidth requirement for students based on the findings and recommendations in the Student Home Connectivity Study.

Events and Webinars
Creating and Leading a Professional Team of Lifelong Learners

In this edLeader Panel, three leading superintendents share the strategies their districts implement to assure that their professional learning programs are aligned to improving digital literacy and the technology capacity of their educators, administrators, students, and even parents and families.


  • Dr. Deborah Kerr, superintendent, St. Francis School District (WI)
  • Dr. John Malloy, superintendent, San Ramon Valley Unified School District (CA)
  • Mr. Marlon Styles, superintendent, Middletown City School District (OH)
  • Ann McMullan, Project Director, CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) EmpowerED Superintendents Initiative (Moderator)

Watch the Recording

EmpowerED Superintendent edLeader Webinar Series

School district leaders face many challenges leading schools and driving school improvement. Collaboration with peers is one of the most effective ways to learn about effective ideas and practices. CoSN and AASA are presenting an online professional learning community and edLeader Panel series to help superintendents connect and collaborate to help each other in this endeavor. You can attend the edLeader Panels live to connect with peers in real time, or view the recordings.

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"Combining our efforts to break new ground for rising ed-tech leaders is certain to benefit our schools districts, our communities and most importantly, the 50 million plus students attending our public schools. Digital transitions are not a 'nice-to-have' but a 'must-have' in the digital age in which we live. We are pleased to be a part of the network of AASA partnerships."

Keith Krueger


"Meriden Public Schools is committed to providing ongoing support for teachers and students, as our technology programs continue to level the playing field for all students in our district. For students to succeed in the 21st century, we must continue to scale up these efforts to meet the needs of students in the digital age they live in."
Mark Benigni

Superintendent, Meriden Public Schools (Meriden, Conn.)