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March 2022 School Administrator Cover
New Directions — Learning 2025

This issue examines how AASA’s Learning 2025 initiative serves as a blueprint for student-centered, equity-focused schooling.


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Editor's Note

AASA’s Near Future Focus

Our association's executive director, Dan Domenech, asked the members of AASA Learning 2025: National Commission on Student-Centered, Equity-Focused Education to think boldly at its launching point in 2020. This issue of the magazine captures some of the bolder ideas being explored by the commission and illustrated through the demonstration school districts participating in the hard work.

The issue opens with a rationale for the commission’s being, composed by Bill Daggett, a prominent consultant who founded the International Center for Leadership in Education. A short accompanying piece by Pam Williams, chief of staff in Gwinnett County, Ga., offers an excellent illustration of how a district’s participation in Learning 2025 is advancing its home-front progress.

Veteran education writer Bill Graves captures several on-the-ground examples of what it looks like for school systems to engage in future-driven practices. Carole Basile, education school dean at Arizona State University, delivers a fascinating piece about her school’s part in building the next generation workforce in K-12 schooling. Tom Vander Ark, a former superintendent, details what it looks like when students help to author their own learning.

Finally, Ray McNulty, president of the Successful Practices Network, relates how adaptive leadership will advance the initiatives envisioned in Learning 2025.

If our coverage here piques the interest of anyone not already involved in this movement, AASA is overseeing a June conference in Washington, D.C., that will bring together many of the players. There’s also much more detail on the AASA website.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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