July 2023: School Administrator

Best of 2022-23

This issue compiles the best articles and columns of the past year examining school safety, staff wellness and dealing with controversies. 



Editor's Note

Reintroducing Some of the 'Best'

This marks the fifth July where the staff of School Administrator has attempted to conscientiously select what we tout here as the “best” contents published in the magazine during the past year. Admittedly, it’s a rather subjective process that leads to the inclusion of a few dozen articles and columns that we’ve repackaged in this digital issue as the Best of 2022-23.


In many cases, we’ve included particular articles because of their enduring importance to the work demands faced by readers — “Navigating Discussions of Race and Class” and “Addressing Student Mental Health” would fall into that category — or the personal lives of school leaders. The contentious nature of leading public schools figured prominently in our published fare of the past year and shows up in this issue with quite an array, including “Healing-Centered Leadership,” “Preparing for Controversy” and “Schools as Contested Places.”


Notably, three installments of the Ethical Educator column were selected for the “Best of ” issue, the second-most we’ve included over the past five years. We hope you will use this publication to check out some work you may have missed the first time around or reacquaint yourself with something you found of value when it originally appeared in print.\


Happy reading.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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