AASA Releases Statement on FCC’s ‘Wi-Fi on Wheels’ Proposal

October 19, 2023


James Minichello

Alexandria, Va. – October 19, 2023 – David R. Schuler, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, was honored to sign AASA onto a joint statement from four national rural education associations supporting today’s FCC vote on Wi Fi on Wheels proposal.

“We are proud to support the Wi-Fi on Wheels proposal being considered today by the Federal Communications Commission.

“Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel introduced the idea as part of her broader Learn Without Limits initiative. As the first of three very common-sense proposals, Wi-Fi on Wheels should be an easy ‘YES’ for anyone committed to ensuring continued equitable access to connectivity for our nation’s students.

“We thank the FCC for moving forward with this proposal to provide funding for Wi-Fi on buses. This proposal turns normal driving time into connected and learning time, a critical opportunity in our rural communities where students are disproportionately likely NOT to have access at home. Wi-Fi on Wheels allows children without internet access at home to do their homework and this proposal is a critical step in leveling the educational playing field.

“We commend Chairwoman Rosenworcel for her continued leadership on this initiative and E-Rate. We strongly support this proposal, and we urge the FCC commissioners to vote ‘YES’ on the proposal today.”

John Forkenbrock, Executive Director, Organizations Concerned with Rural Education 
Robert Mahaffey, Executive Director, Rural School & Community Trust

Allen Pratt, Executive Director, National Rural Education Association
David R. Schuler, Executive Director, AASA, The School Superintendents Association

Heather Zellers, Chair, National Rural Education Advocacy Consortium


For specific questions, please contact Noelle Ellerson Ng, AASA associate executive director, advocacy and governance, at nellerson@aasa.org.


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