Legal Support Program

Are you protected from unexpected legal costs?
Up to $20,000 in Legal Assistance and $1 Million in Damages is Available to AASA Members*

If your district doesn't provide adequate legal support, your AASA membership could help.

AASA members in the Active and Small School District categories have access to AASA's Legal Support Program, which provides for the reimbursement of many legal fees.

You realize that when you take this kind of job, you become very visible - which can make you protection is something for all of us to consider once we reach this level.

What's Included?
In-Dues Professional Liability

The AASA in-dues professional liability plan is the solution to uncertain or inadequate liability coverage. You'll have peace of mind knowing that if your school district doesn't have sufficient coverage or refuses to defend you, your back-up plan is in place. Your association's affiliation with the Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE) makes this valuable member benefit possible.

What's Covered?

Your in-dues plan pays up to $1 million for damages arising from professional liability and employment liability lawsuits, such as:

  • Injuries to students under your supervision
  • Improper placement of students
  • Hiring unqualified people
  • Defamation
  • Failure to educate, promote or grant credit to a student
  • Violation of student civil rights
  • Improper methods employed in instruction, counseling, research design, etc.
  • Improper reassignment, demotion or termination of an employee
  • Violation of an employee's civil rights

Plan pays defense costs in addition to the liability limit for professional liability lawsuits.

After a $100 deductible, the plan also pays 90 percent of your attorney's fees if you:

  • Are sued by an employee you supervise regarding a covered personnel matter ($25,000 per claim, per policy period)
  • Are accused of sexual misconduct, provided you are found not guilty or the charges are dismissed ($25,000 per claim, per policy period)
  • Face criminal charges arising out of corporal punishment, provided you are found not guilty or the charges are dismissed ($25,000 per claim, per period).
In-Dues Professional Liability Upgrades

AASA members may purchase one of the following upgrades to their in-dues plan:

Additional BenefitIncreases your professional liability coverage to:Annual Premium
$1,000,000 additional benefit$2 million$25
$1,000,000 additional benefit plus part-time coverage$2 million, and provides coverage for your part-time educational activities$75


To be eligible for the optional part-time coverage, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your primary employment must be with an educational organization.
  • Your part-time or secondary job must be educational and not medically related, and must fall within the same underwriting guidelines as your main occupation.
  • You must receive payment for the activities.
Legal Assistance

If you are subject to a job-related due-process proceeding, AASA's Legal Support Program* will reimburse up to $2,000 of legal expenses for each year of continuous membership, to a maximum of $20,000 (subject to a $500 deductible per claim).

Beginning in July 2011, a new endorsement was added to the AASA policy expanding the coverage of the AASA Legal Support Program. Now for claims incurred in due process and job protection proceedings the new definition of defense expense has been established. Defense Expense shall now cover the investigation, negotiation, arbitration, settlement or defense.

  • You must be a member (AASA members in the Active Membership and Small School District categories) in good standing of AASA, a W-2 employee of a school, college or university, and the job must be your main occupation.
  • School board members and owners of private schools are not eligible.
  • If you are an educator in private practice or an independent contractor, you are not eligible for this program. You can contact the Forrest T. Jones & Co., at (800) 821-7303(800) 821-7303, ext. 1266 for information about professional liability plans for which you may be eligible.
Effective Date
  • The plan becomes effective the date your membership is accepted by AASA and continues as long as you remain an AASA member (AASA members in the Active Membership and Small School District categories) in good standing and AASA continues to offer this professional liability plan as an in-dues member benefit.
  • You are protected against claims arising from an act or omission committed by you during the policy period or subsequent to the retroactive coverage date, as long as the claim is first made against you and reported to us in writing by you during the policy period or any applicable discovery period.

This plan is available to members residing in the United States and the District of Columbia.

Other Insurance

The insurance provided by AASA's in-dues professional liability plan is excess of any other valid and collectible insurance or indemnity you might have with regard to the claim, including coverage provided by your school district and/or school board.

*AASA members in the Active Membership and Small School District categories


The legal support program does not provide insurance to Active Members in all cases. Job protection coverage provided to eligible AASA members is for defense against due process and job action proceedings. In order to qualify, your employer must have instituted a threatened job action that could lead to your termination, demotion, involuntary transfer, suspension or other disciplinary action. You should report the initiation of a due process action or a job action as soon as you become aware of it to the AASA insurance plan administrator:

The above statements provides only a brief description of the Job Protection Coverage and is not binding on the company. The coverage terms and full details are contained in the certificate of insurance. Please read the certificate carefully and refer any questions to the plan administrator.

*Available for members in the Active and Small School District categories only

Claims and Questions

Breanna Warren, Claims Processor
c/o Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc.
Attn: Professional Liability Claims Department
P.O. Box 418131 Kansas City, MO 64141
Fax: 816-968-0655

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