Stand Up for Public Education™ Campaign

AASA invites you to use the tools in this section to get involved in the associations's Stand Up for Public Education Campaign, a multiyear effort to support high-quality public education.

The campaign's goals are:

  • To increase awareness of the good news about public education among the public, the news media and policymakers.
  • To empower school leaders to positively influence the dialogue about public education, respond to misinformation concerning public education and maintain public support to continue improving education for each child.
  • To advocate for three fundamental principles of public schooling: getting children ready for school; getting schools ready for children; and getting children ready for democracy.

Learn more in the campaign fact sheet (PDF) and white paper (PDF).


Stand Up for Public Education Tools and Resources
Use these tools and resources and become a part of this vital campaign.

Tools You Can Use
Advance the campaign goals using these resources, including toolkits and talking points.

Stand Up in Action
Check out solutions, best practices and campaign success stories.

Research and Resources
Access information and data that supports the campaign message.

Answering Critics
Read "punchback" responses to misinformation and attacks on public education.

State of the Superintendency
Discover why leadership matters and how superintendents are transforming public education.


Get the Facts

Public school enrollment
Who are the children in school today?

Superintendent and district data
View current data on superintendents and school districts.

Student achievement data
See how student achievement has been increasing.

Public schools vs. private/charter schools
Public schools are outperforming their private and charter counterparts.

Public education and democracy
How does public education tie to democracy?

School district leadership
Studies show that school district leadership makes a difference.

Funding for public education
Who foots the bill when it comes to public schools?


What's New?

AASA Web Page Shows Trends in School Enrollment: Working from a database tracking enrollment trends in almost 14,700 schools across the country, AASA assembled a website that explores how enrollment is changing at both the national and state level.

2008 Election: As Congress works on the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind, the politics of the 2008 presidential campaign have yet to directly involve the candidates in the debate. Read what various candidates have said about education issues. (February 2008)


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