Measuring Your Resilience

by Jerry Patterson

Readers are invited to anonymously complete a confidential survey instrument we developed to measure your own leader resilience strengths.

The purpose of the Leader Resilience Profiler® is to provide you with a customized profile reflecting your relative resilience strength in 12 categories, including courageous decision making, optimism, perseverance and adaptability. After you complete the profile, you get instant feedback in the form of a score for each strength on a continuum from low to very high.

The profile is not intended to be a summary judgment about your ability to cope with adversity. It is primarily designed to be a professional development tool to help you examine your relative strengths so you can call upon these strengths when you face future adversity.

Also, you can use the information produced in your individualized profile to target areas for professional development. For example, you can use it to receive feedback from supervisors and those you supervise about their perceptions of your resilience strengths.

The Leader Resilience Profile can be accessed at