Generate Revenue for Your District by Teaming Up with AASA and School Revenue Partners

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AASA is happy to use its strong partnership with School Revenue Partners to give school districts an avenue to generate additional revenue for their schools.

There is a way for your district to provide an added benefit to the families in your district while adding revenue. School Revenue Partners provides school districts nationwide sponsorship revenue generated from local businesses who want to sponsor your website, e-newsletters, mobile apps, sports programs and reach community members programmatically.

(For more information, contact Thomas Evans, vice president of sales, SRP, at or 214-620-2091.) 

How Does it Work?

Local businesses will be allowed the opportunity to show that they care about the community members of your district. The local merchants pay for sponsorship positions that allow them to showcase their products and services, while providing discounts and added values to the community members of your district.

All solutions will be customized for your district, and you maintain full editorial control at all times.  SRP will work with you and your team to create a compelling sponsorship campaign that will represent your district proudly and maximize revenue generation opportunities. SRP's current partners spend about 10 minutes a month on the partnership.

Here are the Options Available to You:

Website Advertising – Leverage the web traffic to your district site by allowing your local community based businesses to sponsor your district.


Digital Publications (E-Newsletters) – Give local businesses an opportunity to sponsor your publications which could provide you additional revenue to fund other programs. You retain complete control of the publication while introducing the option for sponsorship.



Programmatic Advertising – With no impact to your site’s layout or content, you can give local businesses the opportunity to reach members of your community by leveraging your website’s visitors. 


Join the other districts that are seeing revenue generated by their sites and newsletters by speaking with our representative, Thomas Evans. He can be reached at or 214-620-2091.

For additional information, watch our webinar: Increasing Sponsorships for Your District.