Afterschool Initiatives Toolkit

Type: Toolkit
Topics: District & School Operations

December 09, 2021


Young people, especially those in poverty, deserve systems and structures that work together on their behalf. Adults must improve coordination of supports and services for youth and offer academic, SEL, and enrichment opportunities. Given the new funding streams available and the flexibility and agility our systems have shown in the last two years, what if we invest in connecting systems and supports so that all young people can reach their highest potential?

To move us closer to these lofty goals, AASA is working with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the 50 State Afterschool Network and forming a Professional Learning Community of school district leaders focused on integrating afterschool to build a series of tools and engagements around the #PowerOfPartnerships.

WHY Local Educators Should Invest in Afterschool and Summer Opportunities and Partnership Using ARP and Other Funds
Afterschool Works.

Expanding afterschool and summer opportunities has solid evidence of positive impacts for learning acceleration and meeting students’ academic, social, and emotional needs, and enhancing college and career readiness.

Evidence Base for Summer Enrichment and Comprehensive Afterschool Opportunities

Comprehensive, Trusted Community Coordination.

Comprehensive Afterschool

Afterschool and summer programs can help organize and bring in community partners to assist schools and educators and provide connections to other vital student supports in the community, such as mental health counseling and health and food assistance.

Help Kids Recover - Partnerships in Action

Community Visioning for Summer Learning

Engage Youth in Learning.

In quality afterschool programs, young people experience hands-on, exciting learning that can spark new interests and give them time to explore ideas. Afterschool programs help young people prepare for college and careers.

Million Girls Moonshot providing quality STEM learning opportunities

Entrepreneurship and Afterschool