Executive Function Cohort

Minds in Action: Enhancing Learning with Essential Life Skills

New research into the brain is helping us better understand how students—and educators—learn best, in essence, the “how” of learning. 

Research has uncovered a set of skills—executive function (EF) skills—that underlie all learning and are essential to students’ success now and in the future. In fact, these neurocognitive skills are more predictive of student readiness for school, college, career, and life than IQ or socio-economic status. They include problem-solving, sustaining attention, taking on challenges, and more. AASA sees these skills as a throughline in its current and future work.

Join AASA's newest professional network to learn the importance of developing students' EF skills to enable students to demonstrate learning in all areas of school, career, and life, as well as co-create tools to transform your current environment into a learning environment.

The EF Cohort covers Early Learning (Birth through 5th grade) and Adolescence (6th Grade through High School).

From the Association for Psychological Science
Learning Outcomes

Participants will: 

  • Gain latest knowledge on brain function and how learning really happens 

  • Receive an introduction to EF and its role in teaching and learning 

  • Participate in tool development and research to help the field of education and support school leaders and teachers to prepare learners for the future 

  • Leave with new research-based ideas and actions to improve teaching and learning in your district

Who should participate?

This cohort is designed for superintendents. Superintendents may invite up to three of their team members to attend the network’s virtual meetings.


Program Dates

In-person Meetings:

  • Kickoff: October 24-25, 2024, Atlanta (Gwinnett County Schools)
  • March 6, 2025 | NCE 2025, New Orleans

Virtual Meetings:

  • December 4, 2024
  • January 21, 2025
  • February 19, 2025
  • April 15, 2025
  • May 15, 2025


October 24, 2024 to May 15, 2025


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  • Bryan Joffe

    Director, Children's Programs

    AASA, The School Superintendents Association



"Executive Function Skills in a Comprehensive Curriculum"
By Philip David Zelazo

"Scientific research on the developing brain has confirmed what many educators have long known: Learning, particularly in school settings, requires not only attention to what is being taught, but also a set of attention-regulation skills that make it possible for students to focus their attention, ignore distractions, keep information in mind, adopt new perspectives and manage their emotions and behavior.

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