ED ESSER-GEER Use Of Funds Guidance Is Out!

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ED ESSER-GEER Use Of Funds Guidance Is Out!

At last the U.S. Department of Education has released its FAQ on how ESSER funding in CARES, CCRSA and most importantly in ARP. Please take time to read the guidance. In particular, the procurement and school construction sections are quite nuanced and require a careful review.

A few highlights to be aware of:

  • An SEA or a State legislature may not limit an LEA’s use of ESSER formula funds
  • An SEA/State may not require that CARES Act funds need to be obligated prior to obligating CRRSA Act and ARP Act funds.
  • ESSER funding can be used for new school construction, but ED cautions districts to be careful with this major investment and to make sure that it is somehow tied to preventing, preparing for and responding to COVID-19.
  • Federal funds can be used to pay for student/staff vaccinations.
  • ESSER funds can be used for pre-K and early childhood education programs.
  • State and local education officials can't use federal pandemic relief money to shore up their "rainy day" accounts.

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