Guest Blog: CCSSO Restart and Recovery, Considerations for Teaching and Learning

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Guest Blog: CCSSO Restart and Recovery, Considerations for Teaching and Learning

Our colleagues at the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) created a series of resources, Restart and Recovery: Considerations for Teaching and Learning, to support state and district leaders as they continue to navigate the challenges on reopening schools and delivering education to every child this school year. These resources specifically aim to help districts make decisions about operations, instruction, and social-emotional learning while delivering on their promise to ensure an excellent, equitable education for all students. CCSSO created these resources with input from a wide body of organizations and experts, as well as state and local education leaders from more than 30 states across the country. 

These resources include many actionable plans, tools and templates and can be adaptable to meet your local needs. They cover key questions in the following areas:
  • System-level considerations: 
    • How are the needs of students and families, especially those most impacted, and the voices of teachers and school leaders being incorporated into school systems’ structures and decisions?
    • How can students attend school, whether in-person or remote, in a manageable and safe way that supports learning coherence?
    • How can students be supported by teachers so they experience strong and integrated teaching, whether in-person or remote?
  • Wellbeing, connectedness and mental health supports:
    • How are we creating a culture of care in which staff and student growth and wellbeing are prioritized, and all feel safe, connected, supported, engaged, and efficacious, both individually and collectively?
    • How are we identifying the range of mental health and wellbeing needs in our students, and provide them with or connect them to effective, culturally relevant supports?
  •  Academics: 
    • What must students learn? 
    • How will students learn this content, whether in-person or remote?
    • How prepared and how well are students learning this content?
    • How will teachers be prepared to teach this content, whether in-person or remote?

An video overview of the resources and how they can be used is available here. The full series of resources is available at Also, if you're interested in having an in-depth conversation with the authors of the report, please reach out to Chris Rogers at to learn how you can participate in CCSSO office hours. 

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