April 9, 2019

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Contact Info for USED Office of State and Grantee Relations

AS part of the Trump administration's reorganization of the US Education Department (USED), they reorganized the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) to include a new Office of State and Grantee Relations (SGR). In a communication to state chiefs of education, USED wrote,

"SGR will serve as the primary point of contact for all grantees and stakeholders for concerns related to OESE and its programs.  SGR will provide high-quality customer service to you as grantees and stakeholders, while simultaneously developing a greater understanding of the relevant education issues at your regional, State and local level.  SGR will also actively explore new strategies for better outreach, communications and conveyance of information from OESE to its grantees... As the single point of contact, SGR will provide customer service to all of OESE’s grantees and external stakeholders, including State Education Agencies (SEAs).  SGR will answer your questions, coordinate resources to address complex issues, and connect you to technical assistance within OESE and throughout the Department."

USED included an SGR contact list with email addresses and staff assignments. Unlike the traditional state mailboxes you may have used in the past, these state mailboxes will also be available for use by any grantee in that state—SEAs, local education agencies, discretionary grantees that operate separately from an SEA, etc.  Please send your inquiries to the state mailbox that corresponds to your State using the format [statename].OESE@ed.gov (for example, Michigan.OESE@ed.gov).  Of course, you are always welcome to use the general SGR email address or phone line at any time for any request.


  • SGR General Mailbox: SGR@ED.GOV
  • SGR General Phone: 202-453-5563


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