January 26, 2019(2)

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Introducing Public Education Policy (PEP) Talk, the AASA Advocacy Podcast!

We’re trying something new in the new year: we’re launching Public Education Policy (PEP) Talk, the AASA podcast. 

PEP Talk is the officially unofficial podcast for the AASA advocacy team, and this podcast is one more way to engage with our advocacy team. 

PEP Talk will focus on the research, advocacy, and policies impacting public school superintendents. Guests will include superintendents, researchers, advocates, policymakers, and other folks doing interesting things in the field. If we do it right, with each episode you’ll learn something new and hopefully come away thinking about some of these issues in a new light.

Each episode will be a new topic from a different angle. We’ll talk federal, state and local policies impacting superintendents and public education. We’ll talk advocacy. We’ll bring in folks to discuss new and interesting research and emerging trends in the field. . . and any other topic we think you might want to hear about. 


If you have a show idea or guest you think we should have on, shoot me a note: nellerson@aasa.org or on twitter @Noellerson.

Check out our first episode, where Sasha and I talk all things AASA Advocacy, including everything to expect and consider in 2019!!

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