January 9, 2018

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EPA Considering Changes to the Lead and Copper Rule

Yesterday, I participated in a conversation with the EPA about an issue about which we are seeing increased attention in recent years - the Lead and Copper Rule. Currently, federal law mandates that water utilities test the water from a sample of homes they serve. They are not, however, mandated to test school water. Some states have stepped in to require school water be tested, but school water in most states is not required to be tested. 

The EPA is beginning to consider changing the Lead and Copper Rule, and brought together stakeholders to discuss these possible changes. The change that would affect schools is the proposal to require water utilities to test all schools that they serve. This would give schools a better taste for their water safety and would save districts from financing and administering their own tests. We will be moving forward with the EPA to discuss the implications any changes in this rule would have on schools and how we can work together to keep  kids safe from ingesting lead.

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