August 9, 2018

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AASA and AESA Argue to Keep the Education in Educational Broadband Service

The Educational Broadband Service (EBS) was created by the FCC to provide educational resources to schools and libraries, currently by providing access to a special band of internet spectrum directly to beneficiaries. Most districts and libraries that receive EBS currently license the use of this spectrum to internet providers, creating both internet access and revenue. It was also the first topic both Noelle and I lobbied. Since before Noelle started on the issue over ten years ago, the FCC has not opened the program to provide new licenses. They are currently suggesting a change to EBS that would open the spectrum over broader geographical areas to licensees beyond just schools and libraries. This week, AASA and AESA provided comments urging the FCC to keep the “education” in Educational Broadband and open the spectrum to more schools and maintain its intended purpose to benefit educational entities. We will continue to fight to open the spectrum to more school districts while maintaining the structure of the EBS program to focus on education.