August 30, 2017


Dan Domenech: Show Your Support for Public Education

Today's guest blog comes from AASA Executive Director Daniel Domenech, and he calls on local school districts to consider and adopt their own version of the 'I Love Public Education' resolution adopted by AASA at our advocacy conference this summer. Please direct any questions to Tammy Barbara ( and Noelle Ellerson Ng ( 

In July, AASA launched the I Love Public Education campaign, an ongoing effort to highlight the success and opportunities of public education and demonstrate how public schools develop future generations of successful students. 

Following the AASA governing board's unanimous adoption of the Resolution in Support of Public Education, it's time to take the message to the local level: school districts

AASA is working with other national and state organizations to adopt a multi-organization "I Love Public Education" resolution that we can leverage on Capitol Hill. But, when it comes to amplifying the message, the power lies with our members. At the local level, there is nothing stronger than a unified message from the nation's public school districts, each proclaiming 'I Love Public Education'. 

To that end, we ask our members to work with their local school board to make the resolution a meeting agenda item, and that the board and superintendent work together to adopt their district's 'I Love Public Education' resolution this fall. You can adopt the AASA version unedited, you can modify this version, or you can use our version as a starting point for your district's unique 'I Love Public Education' resolution. Whatever you adopt, we want to hear about it. Please submit your district resolution via email to, fax to 703-528-2146 or mail to AASA, attn: Tammy Barbara, 1615 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. 



  1. Review the AASA resolution
  2. Add the resolution to a school board meeting agenda this fall. 
  3. Work with your board to adopt your district's version of the resolution. 
  4. Share your resolution with AASA.  


Looking to do more? There's a lot more at the local level than just the school district. Could your town or county board adopt the resolution? Can your mayor or town official adopt a version of the resolution? Could you generate a 'community partner' version, open to local officials, the chamber of commerce, and other local entities? 

At a time when education policy is undermining the rich history of our public schools and the roles they play in preparing students to be productive adults, we need your help to lead, shape and grow a broad dialogue and support for public education. Beyond adopting a resolution, you can join the conversation on Twitter by using the #LovePublicEducation hashtag. 

We appreciate the work you do to ensure the children of this country receive the best education possible. Let us know how we can help you.