AASA Advocacy Action Alert

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AASA Advocacy Action Alert

Three quick and critical opportunities for superintendents to engages in federal education policy:

  • COVID Package: This week, Senate Republicans are set to unveil the details of their proposal for the latest COVID federal response, and education is widely expected to feature prominently. Based on the information we have gathered you can see a spreadsheet that contains a side-by-sidecomparison of the House/Senate Democrat and Senate Republican draft bills. Please note that the yellow portions of the spreadsheet have not been confirmed by multiple sources, so we will update it when we have more final details.

    We will include quick talking points and follow up you can use to engage your members of contrast. As a reminder, AASA’s top priorities for the next COVID package include: $200 billion in funding for K12 education stabilization, $4 billion in funding to and through the E-Rate program to support internet access and address the homework gap, liability protection for schools; narrow, time limited flexibility within IDEA; a fix to equitable services; extension of school meal flexibilities; and opposition to any vouchers or privatization efforts, including incentives/mandates to reopen. At this point, it is estimated the Senate Republican proposal provides at least $63 billion in funding to K12 but also $7 billion for the DeVos tax credit voucher proposal.  We are fairly confident the package has $4 billion for E-Rate and includes the necessary fix for equitable services but does NOT provide any flexibility for IDEA (or protection against related litigation). 

  • Equitable Services: Sec. DeVos released her interim final rule on equitable services within the CARES Act. We have 30 days to mobilize and weigh in, expressing our concern with and opposition to her interpretation, and our support for the clear-language read of the underlying statute. We have a blog post with everything you need, including back ground, a template response for you to personalize, and step-by-step directions on how to file (or, if you submit to AASA staff early, we can submit for you). Comments are due July 31.
  • AASA Advocacy Conference Follow Up: Thank you to everyone for participating in this month’s virtual advocacy conference. We are still collecting conference feedback, which is especially critical after our first virtual meeting. So far we have just 30 responses and would welcome additional responses. If you have yet to share about your experience, please do so here!