April 2 ,2019

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AASA Joins NSBA And Others In Amicus Brief For SCOTUS Case On Immigration Question In Census

AASA joined with the national organizations representing public school leaders in a joint amicus brief for the Department of Commerce v. State of New York court case, set to go before the Supreme Court and related to the inclusion of an immigration-related question in the census. The education groups filed a brief that included, in part, an emphasis on the importance of accurate census data and the critical role it plays in ensuring that federal resources are distributed as intended and to true areas of need. As written in the summary: "In the area of public education alone, an inaccurate census count could impact billions of dollars flowing to vulnerable population groups in the parts of the country most in need." Read the full brief here.

Our friends at NSBA spearheaded the effort, and we were joined by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and the Association of School Business Officials International.