March 27, 2017

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So, the Health Care Fight is Over—What’s Next?

AASA wants to express our sincere appreciation to the many superintendents and school leaders who picked up the phone and sent emails to your representatives urging them to vote against the American Health Care Act. Your advocacy made a real difference. Our team received calls from offices that we did not know well saying that they were hearing from superintendents about their concerns with the legislation and they wanted to learn more. Thank you for being a meaningful participant in this major advocacy victory.

 As you may have read, the next item on the GOP “to-do” list is tax reform. While previously AASA has not followed tax reform conversations closely, this time it has major implications for school leaders. Key members of the House and Senate (Marco Rubio, Todd Rokita) have introduced legislation that would allow individuals and corporations to receive a federal tuition tax credit for the first time. Tuition tax credits are no different than vouchers—they still divert desperately needed funds away from public institutions and into private schools. The only difference is that it's a more complicated and less direct funding scheme, but the end result is the same. As a result, we have a major advocacy battle on our hands. We cannot let the first national voucher scheme move forward.

The tuition tax credit legislation is called the Educational Opportunities Act (HR 895/S.148). Want to learn all about it? Check out