December 10, 2019(1)

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Call-To-Action: Comment on the EPA's Lead and Copper Pipe Rule

As was highlighted in our latest edition of the December Advocate, the Environmental Protection Agency announced new provisions to the Lead and Copper Pipe Rule (LCR), which, for the first time, dictates how Community Water Systems (CWS) test for the prevalence of lead in schools’ and childcare centers’ drinking water. While this is a step in the right direction, the rule doesn't go far enough to ensure the safety of our students’ drinking water. Moreover, AASA is concerned about the lack of federal funding available to districts to remediate the prevalence of lead in schools; and with how this proposal could result in the dissemination of erroneous information about the safety of a school’s drinking water to district leaders, school personnel, students and parents.

The tragedy in Flint Michigan reminded us all of the dangers that lead poses to our students' well-being, so we know that schools can't be complacent on this issue. Due to this, AASA is mobilizing its membership to weigh in on their concern for protecting the nation's drinking water. We'll need all-hands-on-deck to let the EPA know loud and clear that this is not enough for our districts. As such, we implore our members to join us in this critical effort. To comment on the proposal, please follow the directions below.

  1. Copy this template and fill in the highlighted fields with the requested information. 
  2. Go to and click "Comment Now," on the
    National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Lead and Copper Rule Revisions
  3. In the ‘Comment” box, type something similar to this: “As the superintendent of xxx, I submit the following comments on the proposed regulation titled "National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Lead and Copper Rule Revisions." 
  4. Below the comment box:
    • Upload your completed template 
    • Click continue 
  5. On the next page mark the box stating "I read and understand the statement above."
  6. Click "submit comments"
Comments are due on or before January 13, 2020. Also, If you are pressed for time or need help submitting the comments, AASA staff can submit them on your behalf. To do this, please reach out to Chris Rogers directly at