The Federal School Safety Clearinghouse Will Launch New Grants Finder Tool for K-12 School Districts

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The Federal School Safety Clearinghouse Will Launch New Grants Finder Tool for K-12 School Districts

Last week, the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse team announced the launch of a new Grants Finder Tool coming in February. The new feature – part of their continued mission to promote and enhance school safety across the nation – will feature federally available school safety-related grant programs and is designed as a decision-making support tool to help schools and districts determine the eligibility and applicability of funding opportunities for their specific needs, challenges, and characteristics.

The new Grants Finder Tool was developed to help the K-12 community more easily find, apply for and ultimately receive school safety-related funding. The tool will simplify and streamline the federal funding search process for K-12 schools and districts by housing school safety-related grants in one centralized location, as well as providing school personnel with a variety of ways to search for and access grant opportunities from across the federal government.   

The Grants Finder Tool will offer several easy-to-use features to assist stakeholders in finding funding opportunities, no matter their level of expertise or familiarity with federal grant programs, including options to take a quiz, search pre-populated lists or filter grants by specific criteria such as funding agency, application deadline, application level of effort, intended use and school safety topic. Through the tool, individuals will also have the ability sign up for email alerts notifying them when new grant opportunities are added to the site and to stay informed when the latest federal funding opportunities become available.  

The team developed the Grants Finder Tool to address a direct need of the K-12 school community and with a user-first approach in mind. Direct feedback from a series of user tests – conducted with key stakeholder groups comprising K-12 schools and districts – was considered and implemented into the final design to ensure the tool best meets the needs, challenges, and priorities of the community. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding the Grants Finder Tool, please contact the School Safety team at