New Report Calls on Congress to Address ‘Staggering’ Challenges Faced by Students in Rural Communities


James Minichello
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Alexandria, Va. – Nov. 15, 2017 – Limited access to advanced coursework, medical care, food and employment opportunities continue to daunt students in many rural communities, according to a report released today by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and The Rural School and Community Trust.

The report, Leveling the Playing Field for Rural Students, highlights how Congress can provide leadership and support to ensure students living in rural America receive a quality education and succeed in life beyond high school. 

This report is based on the need for equity for rural students, who are frequently misunderstood or underserved by federal policies and policymakers. Specifically, Leveling the Playing Field for Rural Students provides federal policymakers with five education policy recommendations that can be supported immediately and will benefit the one in six children living in rural communities:

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