School Security Discussed on National Radio Program

The critical issue of the safety and security in schools was a topic of conversation on Education Talk Radio, Thursday, Sept. 22. A panel of experts explained how classroom doors and locks need to protect teachers and students who are inside of the classroom and they also need to be able to provide escape at a moment’s notice.

Program participants included: Jerry Heppes, Sr., CAE, CEO, Door Security & Safety Foundation; Guy Grace, director of security and emergency planning, Littleton Public Schools; Brian Geraci, Maryland  State Fire Marshal, board of directors for the National Association of State Fire Marshals; and Laura Frye, AHC, CSI, CCS, FDAI, technical director, Door Security & Safety Foundation.

There are many codes that dictate this very complicated process and there are experts nationwide who can help make sure schools have exactly what they need to balance the life safety and security needs.

The key issue is whether schools should use barricade devices for their classrooms and the panelists said absolutely not. Citing data, a wealth of resources and organizations who back this up, as well as a website which houses these resources at, the program covers how these barricade devices are not code compliant and the unintended consequences of these devices make them unacceptable.

Click here to listen to the program. 

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