Technology Abound at the Digital Consortium Summer Meeting

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From robots, manufacturing labs, state-of-the-art PE centers to nanolabs, superintendents had plenty to see and talk about during Day No. 2 of
AASA’s Digital Consortium in the suburbs of Chicago.

 “It’s an awesome pleasure to be the host site for the AASA Digital Consortium,” said Art Fessler, superintendent of Community Consolidated School District 59 and a member of AASA’s Governing Board. “We’re so thrilled to gather with leaders from around the country and share the work that we’ve done in terms of improving what we do from a technology standpoint that impacts student learning. It’s great to have conversation and dialogue with so many impressive leaders.”

School system leaders had an opportunity to hear the CCSD59 story, which entailed a journey about rebranding, communication, coaching, devices, professional learning and modern outcomes.

The consortium’s next stop took place at Township High School District 214, which is led by David Schuler, past president of AASA.

“We’re thrilled to have you here,” Schuler told his audience. “It’s all about thinking about how you create relevance through engagement and using the digital resources we have available to reimagine what education looks like. That’s really what we’ve done at District 214. I am so proud of our team.”

Attendees were able to view student-designed robots and student-demonstrated use of technology in physical education through weight training and cardiovascular workouts. They also visited a nanotechnology research laboratory and listened to high school graduates discuss their deep love for learning, generated by their individual experiences in this particular science class.  

 “We’ve had a great two days,” said John Jungmann, superintendent of Springfield Public Schools in Missouri and a member of AASA’s Governing Board. “I love to be able to learn from different leaders about how they are moving the system on behalf of kids.” 

For more information or to find out how to participate in the Digital Consortium, visit the AASA website or contact Mort Sherman, AASA associate executive director, at  

Also, read Day 1 story here.

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