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  Dozens of superintendents and other school district administrators from across the country who are champions of digital learning are convening in Chicago for the AASA Digital Consortium summer meeting. 

“The Digital Consortium is a gathering of leaders that get to benefit from each other’s experiences, view points and lenses,” said Mike Lubelfeld, superintendent, Deerfield Public School District 109. “Together we find out what we want to manage to lead change and build cultures that are open to change.”

Lubelfeld serves as co-director of the consortium along with Nick Polyak, superintendent of Leyden High School District 212. “Through the work we’re doing, we want to make public education better,” said Polyak. “We’re very excited to be here for this three-day meeting.” 

The event is hosted by The School Superintendents Association in partnership with Rethink Ed and McGraw Hill Education.

“We learn with you, we learn from you,” added Lubelfeld. 

During Wednesday’s Day 1 of the meeting, Brandon Olszewski, director of research with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and David Barr, lead reviewer for ISTE’s Seal of Alignment Program, discussed the organization’s new administrator standards.   

On Thursday, the group will visit the Community Consolidated School District 59, located in nearby Elk Grove, Ill., as well as Township High School District 214 in Arlington Heights, the home district of David Schuler, past president of AASA.   

Established in 2014, the consortium was created to provide school district leaders the opportunity to work together as critical friends to learn, take action and gain insight into emerging and successful models of best practices using digital media in support of engaging and effective learning experiences.  

For more information or to find out how to participate in the Digital Consortium, visit the AASA website or contact Mort Sherman, AASA associate executive director, at msherman@aasa.org.   

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