A Conversation with Bill Reynolds, co-founder of CrisisGo—an AASA School Solutions Partner

June 1, 2017


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AASA selected CrisisGo as a School Solutions partner to provide school districts, administrators, teachers, and parents a communications platform that takes emergency response plans out of their three-ring binders and puts them on smartphones, iPads, and desktops for immediate reference and use.  

AASA: What is the mission of CrisisGo?

BR: The mission of CrisisGo is to provide a global-safety platform for school districts throughout the country. Being a safety platform, CrisisGo is trying to bring technology and safety content to schools so they can access up-to-date information to properly respond to various incidents. We also provide a two-way multimedia communication platform that allows internal communications with various groups set up by the district.

AASA:  Why is it important to partner with The School Superintendents Association?

BR: When we built the CrisisGo platform, we discussed the concept to an AASA affiliate. The executive director felt this was a solution that was needed. It seemed to me that AASA was the best organization to partner with to ensure that school districts can utilize the platform to make schools safer.

AASA: In only a matter of months, thousands of schools have downloaded the free CrisisGo app, which enables two-way, real-time communication in the event of an emergency within a classroom or building. Please discuss the “Panic Button” tool and why it’s so effective.

BR: The Panic Button tool is one of the features we offer at no cost. The tool empowers teachers, staff, and administrators to, in a sense, “if you see something, say something.” It can be anything from a medical emergency in a classroom to a suspicious person outside the windows on the playground. We want security personnel notified quickly so they can respond to an incident or a situation before it becomes an incident.

AASA: Approximately how many schools have downloaded the app?

BR: We have seen more than 10,000 school buildings partner with us and receive our suite of safety tools.  

AASA: Please talk about CrisisGo’s relationship with No Bully and how each of our organizations can effectively benefit each other.

BR: We wanted to expand our proficiency by partnering with third-party advocacy organizations to educate parents, students, and the community and help them learn more about bullying incidents. The partnership between AASA and No Bully brings a best-in-class technology provider with a best-in-class bully prevention and awareness provider.

AASA: CrisisGo is hosting the June 5 webinar, “Bullying Prevention: Tips & Tech Tools.” Discuss why it would be beneficial to register.

BR: The webinar is through edWeb, a provider of webinars for teachers and administrators for professional development credit. Maya Claridge, a victim of bullying, will tell her story. Nicholas Carlisle, the creator of the No Bully System®, will provide the bullying expertise behind his platform and what he does with school districts across the country. We will also discuss how a platform such as CrisisGo could’ve helped Ms. Claridge. It’s basically a story about how technology can re-shape the incidents of bullying as it comes up in our school districts.

AASA: Looking down the road, where do you see the AASA-CrisisGo partnership heading?

BR: We want to continue to help support schools with their safety efforts. We now want to help school districts take their crisis communications plans from their three-ring binders and flip charts and place their plans on desktops or smartphones. We have a template plan where we have best-practice content already in place. The plan can be modified based on a school’s parameters. Many school districts spend a lot of money updating plans and sometimes that goes neglected. Our platform provides a more modern way to deliver content to the end-user. That way, we feel this is the very first step in a district modernizing their safety plans.


For more information about the AASA-CrisisGo partnership, visit the AASA website or contact tgao@aasa.org.

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