Superintendents’ Environmental Education Collaborative Launches

Unprecedented federal funding available through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to build school system-wide support for environmental education (EE) has spurred education leaders to launch a national Superintendents’ Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC). The collaborative is co-chaired by Dr. Kevin Maxwell, chief executive officer of Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland and Anne Campbell, superintendent of San Mateo County Schools in California.

The purpose of SEEC is to identify or strengthen model environmental education programs and partnerships between school districts and EE providers for dissemination and replication across the nation. Superintendents can learn about grant opportunities through ESSA and other funding opportunities, best practices for systemic EE, potential partnerships with EE providers, and strategies for implementation. Superintendents network through conference calls, webinars, sessions, and field investigations. SEEC seeks to create robust, real-world learning experiences that bolster STEM learning, civic engagement, and prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century workforce.  

We encourage you to join SEEC and participate in our events! Visit the SEEC website or contact This effort is supported by Upstream Alliance, North American Association for Environmental Education, and Project Learning Tree.

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