A Call to Action from the National Supt. of the Year

nsoy16 thomas tucker

He was born in 1965 during the height of the nation’s civil rights movement. Thomas Tucker, the 2016 National Superintendent of the Year, provided a quick glimpse of his youth during his remarks Tuesday evening at the AASA State Superintendent of the Year Forum. The event was held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Tucker was the first of 11 children and lived in a house heated only by two pot-bellied stoves. His great grandparents were slaves. Growing up in Cotton Plant, Ark., both his grandparents and parents where sharecroppers who instilled in young Thomas that in order to rise out of poverty, one must earn a first-class education.

“In school, I had some of the best caring and compassionate teachers in the world,” said Tucker, the superintendent of Ohio’s Princeton City Schools. “All of us were poor but [our teachers] wouldn’t let us develop a poor mentality.

He did provide his fellow school system leaders with a call to action: “We can do more for children than we’re doing right now. We have the greatest education system in the world. We can do more for kids.”

“It’s going to take a collective voice from the people in this room,” he added.

Tucker concluded his remarks by sharing an African proverb: “If we want to go fast, we go alone. If we want to go far, we go together.”

“I want us to continue going far,” Tucker said. “I want us to continue improving the greatest education system in the world.”

The AASA Superintendent of the Year program is co-sponsored by AASA, Aramark and VALIC.  

To learn more about the 2016 Superintendent of the Year Forum, visit aasa.org. To learn more about AASA's 2016 National Superintendent of the Year Thomas Tucker, watch this YouTube video [8:31] produced by Lifetouch.

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