Domenech: ‘Clear the Way for Personalized Learning’

 Domenech - PL Summit

“We strongly believe that personalized learning has to be the way our children are educated,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, on the third and final day of AASA’s Superintendents Personalized Learning Cohort in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Superintendents had the opportunity witness personalized learning in action at Weber Innovations High School a day before. Only a few hours later, these same educators engaged in several different hands-on learning projects such as interacting with animated characters on video, creating Jack’s beanstalk and skyping with students in New Zealand.

“We no longer have to talk about personalized learning being the future of education,” Domenech told attendees gathered at the School Improvement Network. “It’s the present and you’re doing it. We can prove it works. Well over 100 school systems across the country are implementing personalized learning. It’s happening now.”

Domenech requested that superintendents share good news stories with AASA so these stories can be shared with policymakers on state and federal levels.

“We want to be the voice at the national level and tell our elected officials ‘this is happening and it’s working,’” he said. We want to clear the way for personalized learning.”

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