AASA Honored for Longtime Partnership with the Coalition for Supporting Community Schools

On Friday, April 7, the Coalition for Community Schools presented the National Partner Award to AASA at the Community Schools National Forum in Albuquerque, N.M.

 Bryan Joffe, project director, education and youth development at AASA accepted the award on the organization's behalf.


 "If we, as a movement, are committed to real equity rather than perceived equality, we can make community schools the reality for all of our children," said Joffe when accepting the National Partner Award on AASA’s behalf.

 The National Partner Award is presented by the Coalition for Community Schools by a national partner that has made significant contributions to the work of the Coalition and towards growing the field. As a member on the Coalition’s steering committee, AASA has been an instrumental partner in supporting the Coalition’s work to support and grow community school’s strategies.

Pictured from Left to Right: Lisa Villarreal, program officer for education, The San Francisco Foundation, Bryan Joffe, project director, AASA, and Martin Blank, president, Institute for Educational Leadership.

 In 2011, AASA and the Coalition formed the Community Schools Superintendents Leadership Council,  that serves as a peer support group and spotlights leaders who are deepening their efforts to implement the community school strategy district-wide.

 Two exceptional superintendents also received the Superintendent Leadership Award: Teresa Weatherall Neal of Grand Rapids Public Schools (Mich.) and Steve Webb of Vancouver Public Schools (Wash.), who was a finalist for the 2016 Superintendent of the Year Award. Co-presented with AASA, the Coalition’s Superintendent Leadership Award is given to the superintendent who championed the community school strategy and led the district in the alignment and support of community schools.

 Read AASA’s press release on the organization’s recognition to learn more. 

Read full profiles on all the honorees at the Community Schools National Forum.

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