AASA Children’s Programs In the News: Children’s Health Insurance Initiative Exemplified in Healthy Students, Promising Futures Toolkit

Healthy KidsOn Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, the U.S. Secretaries of Education and Health and Human Services issued a letter to all chief state school officers, state health department officials, and copied all governors. The letter provides recommendations and resources to encourage health agencies and school districts to work together to improve health and education outcomes for students through high-impact opportunities.

The letter includes a toolkit titled Healthy Students, Promising Futures.

Within the toolkit, the first high-impact opportunity is helping eligible students and families enroll in health insurance.

The model for high-impact opportunity on health insurance is the work of AASA and the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), who partner on enrolling eligible students in Medicaid and CHIP. They highlight one of our districts, Mountain View School District in El Monte, Calif., as an exemplar on how schools and health departments can best collaborate to identify uninsured children and link eligible students with the proper health insurance coverage. AASA member, Superintendent Lillian Maldonado French, is featured in a video describing why connecting students to health coverage is so important. This district participates in AASA Children’s Programs and the Children’s Defense Fund’s Children Health Insurance Initiative.

Superintendent Maldonado states as a result of working with AASA and CDF, more than 1,200 children were referred for health coverage, and the number of students with health insurance has increased dramatically. In addition school attendance increased and has been consistently above 96 percent over the past three years--- the length of time AASA and CDF has been working with the Mountain View School District.


Want to learn more about AASA’s Children Health Insurance Work? Visit our webpage

 Read the letter, view the entire toolkit and see the Leading Edgeblog post.

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