AASA Children’s Programs On the Road: Schools Embrace Moving Breakfast Out of the Cafeteria in Districts Big and Small

 San Diego, Calif. and Neosho, Mo.

In early December, members of AASA Children’s Programs Department traveled to San Diego, Calif. and Neosho, Mo., to see school breakfast in action. In both districts, kiosks are utilized as a way to implement alternative school breakfast.

In the San Diego Unified School District, a large, urban school district, breakfast kiosks are used in their 20 middle schools to entice more students to eat outside the cafeteria.

Parfaits San Diego

 Breakfast items included parfaits (pictured above) and other delicious breakfast choices.

In addition, San Diego’s high schools offer a “second chance” breakfast option between first and second periods. The breakfast kiosks are set up throughout the schools’ campuses so students can grab breakfast and arrive to class on time. This option has been so efficient in the high schools, the district is hoping to implement it in middle schools as well.

In Neosho R-V School District, breakfast kiosks are used before school, where they are set up in or near the cafeteria and lines of students grab breakfast before entering homeroom. The district has communicated the changes to their breakfast program to their stakeholders—the efficiency of their system is evident and teachers report more instruction time. In their elementary schools the average daily participation in school breakfast has increased from 40 percent in 2014 to 74 percent in 2015.

 Grab and Go in Neosho

 Students grab their breakfast and then go to class. This kiosk is decorated for the holiday season!

At the Neosho site visit, members of AASA Children’s Programs were joined by Angela Collier of the Walmart Foundation, the organization that funds AASA’s school breakfast work. They were also joined by Superintendent Dan Decker. (pictured below). Read more about their perspectives of the School Breakfast program from an article in the Neosho Daily News.

Angela Collier Dan Decker

 Pictured left to right: Dan Decker, superintendent, Neosho; Angela Collier, Walmart Foundation; Kelly Beckwith, AASA.


Learn more about our On the Road site visits in Fall 2015 here.


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