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 Keep Calm and Eat School Breakfast with Williamsburg County School District (SC)    

For the Williamsburg County School District, a large rural county district in South Carolina, collaboration and participation is central to a successful school breakfast program. This was evident when members of AASA’s Children’s Program visited the district in early November.

For example, the school breakfast team includes a 9th grade student from C.E. Murray High School who works alongside with Interim Superintendent Carrie Brock and Food Service Director Nicole Giles, ensuring that the student voice is heard as this program evolves over time. 

The school breakfast team is focused on increasing school breakfast participation in three high schools by encouraging students to eat from Grab ‘N’ Go breakfast kiosks.  Currently, all three of the participating high schools are holding a raffle for Beats headphones to encourage students to try breakfast from the kiosks, and see what it’s all about. 

Cafeteria managers have made their own creative efforts in promoting the kiosks among students, including decorating them with lights and having students create posters for the kiosks.

These innovative ideas promoting the school breakfast program at the school level exemplify how to encourage teenagers to “Keep Calm Grab Breakfast’N’Go,” so they start the day ready to learn.

School Breakfast in South Carolina

For additional information about AASA’s School Breakfast program, visit http://www.aasa.org/ChildrensPrograms.aspx.  

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