Women in School Leadership Forum: Fashioned to Reign

Stress, sleep, exercise, laughing and healthy brain growth were just a few of the issues Julie Adams talked about during a lively keynote address this morning on Day No. 2 of the Women in School Julie AdamsLeadership Forum in Coronado, Calif.

Adams, a California National Board Certified Teacher and a former classroom teacher, is an international educational consultant who provides engaging and effective training and coaching to both public and private K-12 schools.

“It was a blessing to have so many strong females in my life,” said Adams, referring to her mother and her sisters. “I had the opportunity to work with wonderful female and male leaders…and some not-so-wonderful female and male leaders.”

According to Adams, 30 percent of intelligence is determined by nature, while 70 percent is determined by nurture. Meanwhile, she also talked about stress and how it’s the biggest negative impact on the human body.

The Forum is being co-hosted by the Association of California School Administrators and AASA, The School Superintendents Association.

For more information on Adams’ discussion, follow #WSLF15 on Twitter.

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