Women in School Leadership Forum: A Platform for Action

 A daughter of sharecroppers from Hope, Ark., Shirley Nash Weber proudly stands as an assembly member from California’s 79th district, which represents San Diego and some of the city’s surrounding communities.  Shirley Weber

The approximately 300 women education leaders who convened at the Women in School Leadership Forum, co-hosted by the Association of California School Administrators and AASA, The School Superintendents Association, were not disappointed by today’s luncheon keynote speaker.  

“I’m pleased to be here with a group of phenomenal women who are extremely powerful who have the ability to change the trajectory of lives of children,” Weber said.   

The assembly woman's recurring theme was: “Why are we here? If we don’t make a difference, why would anybody want us to be here? If we bring nothing unique to the table, then why are we here?"

No one can argue that Weber has made a difference and continues to do so. She attended UCLA and earned a bachelor’s and master’s degrees—and a PhD—by the age of 26. At age 23, she became a professor at San Diego State University. She also taught at California State University at Los Angeles and Los Angeles City College.

“I am honored to be here and to be with you, and the women who have taken on the challenge and mission to change the world,” said Weber.

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“For most children in this nation, you will be the most powerful person they will ever meet,” she said. “You will have the ability to transform their lives.”

Her cautionary words of advice continued throughout her remarks, leaving her audience with plenty of food for thought.

"If we don’t make a difference, why would anybody want us here? "We need a voice. We need folks who have unique experiences, who also have the courage to come forth and bring those points of view to make us a better society.”

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