AASA Unveils Collaborative Concept Paper

The AASA Collaborative, a developing concept which includes superintendents from across the country, has unveiled a concept paper to help educators nationwide work together to improve student learning, systems improvement, and sustain educational improvement.

The Collaborative, which will be launched after a focused discussion at the National Conference on Education in Nashville, aims to foster broad accountability when it comes to these improvements and serve as a learning model for school system leaders. The paper, “Critical Friends School/District Improvement” is “meant to be an exclamation point marking a positive solution to moving sensibly ahead in this still emerging century,” said Mort Sherman, the lead on this effort in his role as superintendent-in-residence, AASA. The Collaborative is sponsored by Hobsons, an education solutions company dedicated to helping educators, administrators, students and families maximize success through every stage of the learning lifecycle.

To read the Concept Paper, click here.

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