Career and College Readiness in Action at AASA’s Digital Consortium

digital consortium fall 17 meeting 4Imagine having a high school senior at home who is thinking about a career in aviation. Imagine attending a school with a Boeing 747 jet plane parked in the backyard and assorted other planes alongside it.

That’s what students and staff at the Raisbeck Aviation High School outside Seattle, Wash., look at every day.

This was the first stop on Day No. 2 of the AASA Digital Consortium yesterday, hosted by the Highline Public School District.

“We need to make certain that when students leave us, they’re ready for the real world of career and work. This is a prime example,” said Gail Pletnick, superintendent, Dysart Unified School District, Surprise, Ariz., and the 2017-18 president of AASA. “We have an aviation high school where students are right in the center in terms of what is happening in the aviation industry. Talk about inspiration.”

digital consortium fall 17 meeting 5“Sitting on the campus of Boeing with airplanes outside the window is constant motivation to the students and staff about career pathways and opportunities for kids,” said Nick Polyak, superintendent, Leyden High School District 212, and a co-director of the consortium.

“Through our AASA Digital Consortium, it’s wonderful to have these opportunities that are really driving that change that we all need to see,” added Pletnick.

Founded in 2004, the school opened in September 2013. The school’s vision: To be the premier public high school of choice for students in King County and the region who wish to pursue their passion for aviation and aerospace in a learning environment that prepares them for higher education, citizenship and work.

digital consortium fall 17 meeting 6Stops two and three respectively on Monday’s schedule included visits to Chinook Middle School in Seatac and Midway Elementary School in Des Moines.

“There are a lot of innovative things that these educators at Highline Schools are doing for their students that folks across the country should come and take a look at,” said Marlon Styles, superintendent, Middletown City School District, Middletown, Ohio. “It’s definitely student-centered. It’s breathtaking to see what they’re doing for their students.”

Today, the Consortium concludes the fall meeting with a tour at Boeing Aviation.

The spring 2017-18 Digital Consortium meeting will be held in St. Louis, Mo.

To join the conversation via Twitter, please access #AASA_DigitalConsortium.

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