SOAR Offers Free Tutorials for Military Families

SOAR (Student Online Achievement Resources) is an online program for military families and classmates of military dependents in schools serving military installations.

Students take an assessment aligned to state standards, and SOAR directs them to individualized tutorials to improve skills where needed. Parents can monitor their children’s progress from anywhere, and are provided with resource materials.

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SOAR Launches Making Sense Resources

SOAR has expanded its list of resources available to military families with the release of Making Sense. Developed by the University of Northern Iowa, Making Sense consists of engaging videos and resources targeting math and literacy skills. Thinking Aloud! Making Sense of Literacy and Problem Solved: Making Sense of Mathematics are available to registered users on the SOAR website under the Educational Resources link; click on SOAR Learning Videos.

Thinking Aloud! Making Sense of Literacy helps students and parents make sense of challenging literacy concepts. Through engaging videos, the inquisitive Knowledge Seekers demonstrate how to examine the thinking that goes on inside their heads as they process or create text. By using Thinking Aloud! videos and supplementary resources, students develop the literacy strategies necessary to construct understanding and flexibly apply them to new situations.

Topics Include:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Viewing

Problem Solved: Making Sense of Mathematics helps students and parents make sense of challenging math concepts and procedures. The videos in the series build the viewer's conceptual understanding of mathematics by working through interesting real-life situations. Supplementary resources give students the opportunity to check and extend their reasoning by solving problems similar to those in the videos.

Topics Include:

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Data Analysis and Probability
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement

For information on SOAR's Making Sense video resources, contact:

Flu Season and SOAR

Is your child not feeling well and home from school? Are you worried he or she may fall behind? Don't forget that SOAR can provide your children with engaging online activities to supplement the work sent home from school. Students can search the Skill Resources from their home page to find activities on a specific math or reading topic they might be working on at school.

Parent Tutorials

There are both video and printable tutorials available to parents to assist as they navigate through SOAR. Login and click Educational Resources, Parent Tutorials.

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