All Children Will Learn: Policy in Action

This webpage presents the policy components of the 2009 Educating the Total Child Legislative Advocacy Toolkit. AASA has created a draft resolution reinforcing AASA’s position on the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the law currently known as No Child Left Behind. The resources on this page will help you as you work in your district and community to expand discussion on ESEA reauthorization.




More Districts Adopt AASA's All Children Will Learn Resolution: 92 districts in 17 states have adopted the resolution.



All Children Will Learn (PDF) is the 2009 AASA Legislative Agenda. It represents AASA's legislative priorities, and is largely focused on the ongoing reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It creates a continuum of support based on a continuum of need by proposing a systemic plan to improve schools in place of the current collection of 93 separate programs embodied in NCLB.


Call to Action

What can you do? Renewal of ESEA is an excellent opportunity for you and your district to actively participate in the policy discussion surrounding reauthorization. You can

  • Work with your administrative team and school board to adopt the resolution supporting All Children Will Learn.
  • Share the resolution with the local community and media outlets, using the presentations and press release.
  • Use the draft letter to Congress to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill.




Help us keep track! AASA wants to know how many districts adopt the resolution. Please e-mail Bruce Hunter ( with any progress updates so AASA can keep track of how many districts and states are adopting the resolution.