AASA Legislative Corps

Have you ever found yourself talking back to the television screen? Muttering to the editorial page of your newspaper? Yelling at a member of Congress on talk radio? These folks just don't get it, you may be saying. Who's advising them? Often it's just their own memories of what school was like for them.

Want to change that? Join the AASA Legislative Corps by sending an e-mail with your name and e-mail address to AASA Policy Analyst Tara Thomas at tthomas@aasa.org.

Membership is voluntary and free. Via a direct, instant, personal e-mail, you get a succinct weekly summary — the AASA Legislative Corps Weekly Report — of Washington news with impact on public schools. In exchange, you're asked to respond to occasional alerts, so YOU can be the one to tell YOUR own House and Senate members through quick and personally-tailored e-mails, how their vote would help or hurt public schools. The AASA Legislative Corps is recognized in Washington, D.C., as the most effective education network on Capitol Hill.