Standard for Success and JASON Partner to Launch STEM Evaluation Rubric


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AASA to offer certification of K-12 STEM programs

Indianapolis, Ind and Alexandria, Va. – Feb. 9, 2021 –Standard for Success, a national provider of teacher evaluation and program evaluation software that includes the AASA Early Learning Program Assessment© and AASA Early Learning Program certifications, announced today that it has become the exclusive supplier of the AASA/STEM certification rubric from national K-12 STEM curriculum provider JASON Learning.

Created in part by the National Geographic Society, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, NASA and other international STEM leaders, JASON Learning, an award-winning leader in STEM education, is used by more than 3 million students nationwide.

“There is a strong desire among leading school districts nationally to adopt a comprehensive STEM curriculum that positions students for the workforce of the future,” said Todd Whitlock, CEO and co-founder of Standard for Success. “JASON is a widely respected national leader in providing STEM curriculum and the accompanying professional development for K-12 teachers. We could not be more thrilled to collaborate with them and become the exclusive provider of their AASA/STEM certification rubric that will allow school districts to self-assess their STEM programming for continuous improvement and serve as a resource of exemplary models.”

Standard for Success and JASON are both members of the AASA School Solutions Center and began piloting the new evaluation tool in eight geographically diverse schools in December 2020.  Among the first to join the pilot include:

  • Doddridge County Schools, West Union, W.V.
  • Franklin City Public Schools, Franklin, Va.
  • Portsmouth Public Schools, Portsmouth, Va.
  • Revere Local Schools, Bath, Ohio
  • Spring Independent School District, Houston, Texas

JASON developed the STEM program rubric to assist schools in measuring the effectiveness of their STEM curriculum. Standard for Success will be adding the rubric to its offerings. Schools can pursue AASA’s STEM certification through the addition of the rubric. 

“Effective STEM learning is a must-have in our school districts in order for our young learners to succeed in later life,” said Chuck Woodruff, COO of AASA. “At a time when our school leaders are navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, AASA remains committed to providing our school districts with the necessary resources to help them move forward. We feel this initiative will bolster STEM education throughout the country.”

“JASON Learning believes that STEM is more than understanding subjects. It includes habits of mind that are especially vital in the years of K-12-creativity, observation, communication and persistence,” said Eleanor Smalley, president and CEO of JASON. “School districts that employ all these components help children to be prepared for a lifetime of innovation. With Standard for Success, we have created this credentialing program as a tool and resource that will help districts self-assess their programming to continue to improve programming, incorporating key STEM components, and create the opportunity for districts to learn best practices from one another."

“In the end, students are the winners when curriculum is delivered at the highest quality with measurable results and we are excited to bring this curriculum to our schools across the world as a JASON Learning partner reseller,” Whitlock noted.


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JASON is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard. JASON provides curriculum and learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for over 4.5 million K-12 students, and high-quality professional development for teachers. JASON has been used successfully in a wide variety of formal and informal education environments, both virtual/remote and in-person. Available online at, JASON’s award-winning curricula place students in challenging, real-world situations where they are connected with and mentored by leading STEM professionals. JASON continues its legacy of the adventure and exploration of STEM with real data, real role models, and real STEM.

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